A question of Groov server for windows

In Groov server for windows, there are multiple pages in the project. Can you specify which page is the first page at startup? How do you specify?

Yes. You can.
Click on the page and drag it to the top.
This will be the first page that opens on start up.
In other words, the top page is the default page.

(Also, you can specify the URL and put the page number in the URL).

Quick question; Is there any performance benefit too groov server over a groov device? Storage space? Processor speed? Gigabit NICs?
Can multiple instances of groov server run at the same time on the same machine?

If you run on a quad core i7 for example, you can expect a nice bump in performance. Its just a faster PC than the AR1. Bigger hard drive, check. Processor speed, faster on the PC of course. Gigabit? If you put the cards in the PC, sure (but its a web server at the end of the day).
Only one instance can be run at a time, if you use a VM, then one per VM is doable.
Of course the PC comes with the whole Windows software fun and games.
Use the right tool for the right job. Nice to have options.

So is the groov server a true multi-thread app or would it benefit more from a faster dual core (one core doing Windows things, one core doing groov things)? Is any of the aforementioned performance gain noticeable in groov view?

groov uses a bunch of threads (how many depends on the number of devices you have configured, but right now on my workstation it’s using 35), so yeah, it’ll benefit a smidge from more cores in your PC.

That said, it’s pretty lightweight. The AR1 uses a quad-core ARM CPU, the AT1 uses a single-core Atom running at 1.10GHz, and my development workstation for the last 5-ish years has been an Intel Core i5 from 2011. ¯\(ツ)

There are architectural issues in groov View that’ll cause it to bog down with large numbers of connected clients, but a good chunk of those were resolved in 3.5 (with fixes to that in 4.0), and I’m hoping to get rid of the rest of them in 4.1.

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