A minor question

A minor question
My client asked me. Why is it called “Groov”? What’s special about it?:slight_smile:

Good question :slight_smile:
My client has asked me the same thing. I just said because it looks so GROOVY on your mobile devices lol.
But I’m very interested in hearing the real answer.

I like your version!

There are two answers for people who like to ask that particular question.
Start with “I am glad you asked that question” and then take your pick between

a) It’s a registered trademark like “Prius”, “Lenovo” or "Pepsi"
b) It’s an acronym for Graphical Object Orientated Vectoring Technology, which I will be explaining later on.

Either answer is good enough to end the discussion, allowing you to move onto more important issues about groov. :slight_smile:

Reasonable question(s), and excellent answers by the community thus far.

First question: Why is it called “groov”? gmitchell’s answer is closest. I was looking for a single syllable word that could be a noun or verb, memorable, and available (groov is indeed a registered trademark). Plus, we’re a California born and bred company, and the name had a West Coast groove to it.

Second question: Why is it so special? My opinion is our industry is moving away from expensive, Windows-based PCs for user interfaces and edge computing. Plus, many of us want to use the powerful computers in our pockets. groov takes a crack at both, providing an industrial, server-based system that’s easy to use, yet powerful enough for today’s and tomorrow’s applications for mobile, web, and of course, Internet of Things related applications.

What else is special? There’s much more to come. groov as an edge appliance will continue to evolve with new and useful features and functionality. For example, we’re adding an OPC-UA server with AB, Siemens and other drivers to groov Boxes as part of our integration of Inductive Automation’s Ignition Edge software. And you’ll get MQTT with Sparkplug payloads, too. More details to come next week, but you heard it here first.

The best part? Everyone who owns a groov Box under current maintenance will get the upgrade for free through a groov Admin update. And all groov Enterprise licenses will automatically be eligible for an Ignition Edge license on release. Pretty groovy, right?

And next year will be EPIC. I’ll leave it at that.

Thank you for your continuing contributions and support of Opto 22 products. -Benson

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Thank you very much for your detailed instructions. A very good lesson.
Thank you again!