Where can I get R2 firmware update 9.3c? I need to update my SoftPAC.


try ftp.opto22.com. its there. only beta tho so tread carefully until its release.

i hope this helps

Hi shoekell,

Can you please clarify what you are looking for?
You said R2 firmware for your SoftPAC.

The R2 is the rack mounted controller. Firmware is upgradable via the usual download, where as, since SoftPAC runs on a Windows PC, you need a new .exe to get an updated version.
They are two very different controllers and thus the firmware update process is very different.

Lastly, I am wondering what features you are looking for in the 9.3c version?



Hi Ben,

I need to run a strategy developed by a coworker in SoftPAC on my machine. When I try to run it, it tells me that it was developed in 9.3c and that I need to upgrade the firmware on my SoftPAC. I have upgraded and it appears to be working. Thanks for responding.